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The Chegini Group provides a platform of integrated skills and services for institutional and private investment entities that wish to increase their investment presence in California.

Chegini Real Estate investment is in both stable income producing real estate properties such as office, and multi-family residential properties as well as new and refurbishment development.

In addition, Chegini Group utilizes its market insight to capitalize on value-added investment and development opportunities in order to generate increased returns on behalf of institutional and private investment entities.

Through its focused and entrepreneurial approach to value creation and professional property management, Chegini consistently meets investor expectations. In addition, Chegini principals typically co-invest in new projects to align their interests with those of participating investors.

The Chegini Group principals are licensed engineer, architect, contractor and real estate agent with many years of experience in design, construction, management and development of commercial, mixed use, multi-family projects and hence they have vast experience in construction industry.

The Chegini Group is also committed to providing the highest levels of transparency in all its investor relation activities. Detailed financial reporting is provided to investors consistent with stringent industry standards, based on institutional-level reporting requirements.

Going forward, the Chegini Group team views the California region as fertile ground for investment and development because of these key factors:

  • Strong Economic Fundamentals, California is the 6th largest economy in the world and southern California is the 9th largest
  • Limited Land, specially ocean closed properties
  • Regulatory Environment, due to regulatory restraints, the property value will increase faster than most other places
  • Supply Constraints, there are more demand than supply especially for ocean close properties
  • Population increase, California has population growth more than any other state

California is forefront in Research and Development in the entire country, especially in medical and information technology

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